Who We Are


We launched 4AgTech with the goal of giving growers more freedom and control over their operations. We feel working with the grower’s team, their agronomist, and their suppliers, we can provide a customizable approach that makes sense.

After years of working in the precision ag field, we noticed a clear need for a customized, forward-thinking approach to producing field data. We spent time talking to growers and heard loud and clear that they were looking for real, measurable results and predictable yields, tailored to the specifics of their soil and local conditions – not just a one-size-fits recommendation in a traditional manner.

The solutions we offer at 4AgTech were developed in direct response to the feedback we’ve heard from customers. Our mission is to give you accurate, detailed data that supports your unique production goals and minimizes risk to your operation. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Accurate data. Confident decisions. Real results.

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