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Variable Rate SEeding Compressed

What is variable rate seeding?


Variable rate seeding is the preferred planting method for many modern growers. In principle, variable rate seeding places the most seed in the most fertile soil leading to better yields.

However, without careful analysis of your soil health, moisture levels, historical data and other factors, you run the risk of planting too much seed in the wrong area. This leads to suboptimal harvests and poor return on investment.

We help growers fine-tune their seeding strategy

Our reports and recommendations are based on the completely unique conditions in your specific field. We don’t rely solely on historical averages or generalizations. Instead, we start by taking soil samples in your field and sending them to a lab for testing. Once we understand your soil’s composition and nutrient content, we can build a personalized driven yield report that accounts for soil health, moisture, historical data, elevation and other factors.

The result? You maximize the number of healthy plants growing in optimal conditions and reduce the number of seeds lost to poor soil, flooding and other hazards.

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Our goal is to enable our customers to make the best possible choices for their operations. We’re not interested in promoting specific inputs or brands as a fix for every problem. Our role is to deliver reliable, accurate data that can help guide your management decisions.

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