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Driven Yield

What is driven yield?


Driven yield is what we call the sum total of your field’s potential yield. In order to calculate driven yield we look at multiple data points including:

  1. Your soil sampling report
  2. Satellite imagery
  3. Historical planting & harvest data
  4. Field elevation

How do we generate our reports?

We use a software program that analyzes all of your unique data and then produces a detailed report and map of your field, with each sector’s unique growing conditions outlined.

How do driven yield reports inform management decisions?


Your driven yield report includes a high-low yield goal that serves as a starting point for decisions regarding inputs and planting. Instead of a blanket recommendation, you’ll receive a report for each field that includes variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer and seeding. This means that you’ll be able to hyper-target your inputs and get the most profit out of every square foot of soil.

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