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Moisture Monitoring

How much water does your field need?


The goal of moisture monitoring is to find out where water is most needed and allocate the right amount at the right time. Rather than working from averages or a general recommendation, we take an in-depth look at your soil and map out which areas need more or less water based on the soil’s composition and water retention capacity.

Benefits of moisture monitoring

Know exactly how deep water is traveling through your soil

Determine root depth of plants

Gather data about water uptake & accessibility

Prevent plant stress caused by too much or too little water

Reduce irrigation costs through proper planning

How do we gather data about moisture levels?


We place a Sentek moisture monitor in each of your fields to check levels and feed data back to Sentek’s system. We can check the monitors from Sentek’s website and give our growers access to that data as well. 4AgTech is an authorized Sentek dealer and we unreservedly recommend these products.

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