Increase yields & support soil health with hyper-targeted fertilizer applications.

precision to promote growth

Variable Rate Fertilizer

We use precise data to create a custom field map for variable rate fertilizer – high and low spots included


Variable rate fertilizer adjusts your application rate based on field position. With 4AgTech, you get a customized prescription for your entire field, and variable rate nitrogen is always included.

How do we determine the right fertilizer prescription for you?

We start by sampling the soil in your field and sending it to a lab for analysis. We use the test results to determine the correct variable rate fertilizer application based on your soil’s composition and nutrient content. Because we start with your unique soil in your unique field, we’re able to provide a more detailed recommendation.

We give you the data –
you make informed choices


We believe that you’re the expert on your management decisions. We do not determine who your supplier is or what fertilizer type to use. If you’d like us to make some suggestions, we’re always happy to help. Our role is to support your management decisions and help you meet your production goals.

Accurate data. Confident decisions. Real results.

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