Soil sampling & testing

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Why we sample and test your soil


Soil sampling helps us form an accurate baseline of your soil’s current health and productivity. Once we’ve established your soil’s composition (sand, silt, clay, etc.) and nutrient profile, we use that data to produce your driven yield report. The results of your soil test are an important component in our recommendations for variable rate fertilizer and seeding.

Benefits of soil sampling

Benefits of soil sampling

Reveals your soil’s composition, which helps produce irrigation & fertilizer recommendations

Determines your soil’s nutrient profile

Helps you choose appropriate inputs for better plant growth

Establishes optimal growing zones within a field for targeted seeding

How does soil sampling work?


We collect samples throughout your field using a hand soil probe. Our belief is that a hand soil probe provides a cleaner, more accurate sample than using an auger. The samples will be sent to an agricultural laboratory for analysis and you’ll receive a full report of the results.


Want to receive more detailed information about your soil? SoilOptix offers an in-depth analysis of your soil sample and provides a layered report of the sampled field, including your high and low points.

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