Tell us your production goals – we’ll help you get there.

Soil Sampling

Better yields start with better soil health. 4AgTech utilizes several methods of soil sampling to analyze composition and nutrient content.

Driven Yield

Once we know what’s in your soil, we look at historical data, elevation, satellite imagery and other impactful areas to produce a detailed map showing your high-low yield goals.

Variable Rate Fertilizer

Unlike standard recommendations, we provide a detailed customized fertilizer prescription for each field, so that you get the most productivity out of every square foot.

Variable Rate Seeding

Our precise field mapping includes prescriptions for seed rate and spacing. That means you’ll be placing the correct amount of seed in the most fertile soil and minimizing losses.

Moisture Monitoring

We provide a full report on field moisture including highs and lows, so you’ll know exactly how much water each area should get. We also include data on your soil’s moisture retention, so you can plan your water use accordingly.

Accurate data. Confident decisions. Real results.